Our Approach

Enter our
Founded in 2009 by Charles Wardman in the belief that remote working through interconnectivity across a business's people, assets and infrastructure was finally possible.
Our passion for high-end service became our hallmark; we have been committed to providing honest, informed and appropriate advice ever since.
We are enthusiastic, friendly and confident.
Step 1 - Understand What You Have
Unless you are a new business with no existing infrastructure, we have to find out what you already have in place. We assess what you are already using and why.
We have grown into an experienced business, built upon first-class industry accreditations with skills ranging from network infrastructure and telephony to HTML and virtual environments. But that's only part of the picture...
We are a Microsoft Partner, NEC Partner, EE Premier Partner, Ofcom Registered Landline carrier and more. We take time to understand what you want to achieve and leverage our own experience, associations and infrastructure to deliver results.
Step 2 - Understand Why You Have It
What brought you to your current arrangement? Was it the result of budget constraint or supplier and vendor inexperience; perhaps each stand-alone service was simply the best fit at the last review but the suppliers you have do not perform well together? We take on board what you want to achieve, and by understanding your position we help you improve it.
Having established ourselves as a formidable player in each of our key sectors - mobile and fixed telephony, hosted data and big bandwidth, ICT and the Cloud - we are expanding in to areas we think we can fix. We deliver a platform for our business customers to grow upon.
In the future
By 2020, we aim to have built a completely unified business infrastructure and software platform, interlinking your mobile device and network, telephone system and lines, customer management and line of business applications.
Step 3 - Give You What You Want
Consider what you would like to achieve by asking yourself the following questions:

“How will our customers communicate with us?”
“How do I ensure we're responding as quickly as we should be?”
“How can I guarantee that I'm aware of an issue before it affects a customer?”
“How do I use ICT to improve my own and my staff's workplace?”
“Can I automate the most mundane tasks in my organisation?”

Once your aims are clearly established, by leveraging our position, experience and services, we will guide you to your goal.